Welcome to your (r)evolution.

Paige is a business mentor & strategy coach for the visionary soulpreneur who is clear on their mission, ready to amplify their message, scale their impact & multiply their income.

We're calling it Soulpreneurship.

Consciousness is on the rise more than ever before. People are seeking coaches, teachers, healers, content creators, and sources of guidance to support them in their personal + spiritual development, healing or wellness journey.

This is why there has never been a better time to get your conscious business off the ground and scale it to reach more people online.


Projector 2/4 with sun in taurus, moon in aquarius & libra rising

Through being a soulpreneur myself, I know intimately well the path of entrepreneurship & discovering your purpose - aligning the two together. I know the amazing feeling of watching it manifest into a thriving business.