Create + launch your Signature Offer & start working with DREAM clients.

bloom business accelerator

The 4 month Business Accelerator for coaches, consultants + service-based CEOs.

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you understand that the next best investment for you is in real support — having an expert by your side.

 but...You have no idea where to start when it comes to defining your niche or dream client, and knowing that you're creating something they actually need.

Maybe you've launched online offers in the past, but they weren't as successful as you'd hoped, or the marketing + tech is overwhelming, so you're ready for an expert to weigh in.

You've soaked up all of the free content online, maybe you've even taken a few courses, but nothing you did really moved the needle forward.

You're a coach, consultant or service-based CEO ready to launch your first offer, your next offer, or refine an existing offer.

Being able to clearly communicate your offer & show that you have a unique method for getting your clients from where they are now, to where they want to be, gives your Dream Clients the confidence to invest in themselves by working with you.

people will want to work with you because of the way that you do what you do.

Inside of Bloom, you’ll create & launch your Signature Offer – a program, service, a course, membership, masterclass, community, etc. – that you can confidently sell to your dream clients. 

YOUR Signature Offer is a reusable system or framework that you use to facilitate your Dream Client's desired transformation, help them reach a goal or solve a problem.

Rather than starting from 0 with each new client.

What is a Signature Offer&
why should YOU have one?

& yes...

Self-Relationship Mentoring

Anna-Theresa Krug

Before Bloom, I didn't know how to join my knowledge and what to prioritize. Felt super overwhelmed and I didn't know if my pricing expectations are too high. Bloom gave me structure and a roadmap which took away the overwhelm. The Bloom group also gave me so much inspiration and strength.

I feel more confident, guided and supported. I have more confidence in selling my offer, more clarity regarding my offer, so many insights, tips and breakthroughs, endless love and support from the group. I closed my first 2k client & I discovered so many new things regarding tech, strategy and mindset. 

"I am completely self-employed within 1 year of launching my business."

Transformational Coach

Sophia Saenger

Now, I am clear on my signature offer & dream clients, I've doubled my email list through a freebie email sequence and have successfully signed two new clients.

Now, I am clear on my signature offer & dream clients, I've doubled my email list through a freebie email sequence and have successfully signed two new clients.

I feel confident, excited to continue my entrepreneurial journey, aligned to my purpose & core desires in my business and more structured & in flow when in comes to all business tasks. 

"I feel like I've grown into a real entrepreneur throughout bloom. I feel more resilient."

Branding Consultant

Misia Kochanowska

Before Bloom I felt lonely with everything I was struggling with. I also lack some of the technical skills like how to make an online program and reach my dream clients.

Working with Paige I felt more confident about my life purpose. I also got beautiful inspirations and the group support. I started to have more 1:1 Dream Clients and help them much better. I also realised that everything that I was doing before was important part of my path and that I'm doing pretty well. It tastes better when you can see it in some other professional eyes.

"I love the energy of the group that Paige creates with lots of love, joy and calmness."

Bloom Client

Bloom is designed to take you step-by-step through creating & launching any offer, at any price point, anytime with complete confidence & clarity.

The Bloom Business Accelerator

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here's what you'll accomplish inside of bloom

The Bloom Framework

Bloom is designed to take you step-by-step through creating & launching any offer, at any price point, anytime with complete confidence & clarity.


Learn how to become an energetic match for everything you've ever wanted in life and business.

Become a true leader of yourself and be able to meet your clients with that same level of depth, empathy and understanding.

A powerful set of self-coaching tools to support you through all seasons of entrepreneurship.

What You'll Accomplish: 

We can't lead others until we know how to lead ourselves first. I believe that your vision is YOURS for a reason and that it's meant to be expressed through YOU. Bloom begins with a powerful set of tools and practices to connect you with your deeper vision, mission and purpose. This becomes your anchor. 

01: mindset foundations & Your Vision


You'll be ready to start creating content & excited to build a community of dream clients ready to work with you.

You'll get clear on the Transformation you're facilitating for your clients

You'll double-down on your business foundations with Market Research

You'll finally feel clear + confident about your Niche and/or Dream Client(s) 


Building a scalable service-based business starts with clear Business Foundations. Truly understanding your Dream Client will give you the clarity you need to create a Signature Offer that your ideal clients NEED and the confidence to sell it in a way that feels authentic. This work lays the foundation for everything to come! 

02: Clarify YOUR NICHE


Create pricing that feels good and exciting for both you and your dream clients

Confidently develop your Signature Offer's, structure, content & all of the magic in between— walking away with a complete program that your Dream Clients need & that's easy to sell. 

Distill all of your knowledge, modalities and tools into a unique method or framework that's uniquely yours.

You'll walk away with: 

Do you know what makes your process different from others? With total clarity on HOW you do what you do, communicating will become easy and selling will feel natural. This unique and powerful framework will allow you to create any offer from any price point with total clarity.


Understand how to offer your Signature Program in whatever format – 1:1, group, course, or membership – that will make the most impact.


An online presence that you feel proud to share with the world.

A powerful mindset & confidence in showing up fully authentically both online and offline

A simple system for generating content ideas, so you're never stuck feeling like you have nothing to talk about.

You'll learn exactly what content to create & how to position yourself as an authority in your space.

You'll walk away with: 

Content & relationship-building is at the core of growing your business. It's how you communicate your message, it's how your audience will get to know you & it's how you'll take them from "curious" to "ready". From social media, lead-magnet freebies to offline techniques, curate your own mix that allow you to show up feeling your best. 

04: Content Creation, Community Building & Client Attraction


The opportunity to practice your Sales Conversation with me during the Live Sessions anytime you'd like.

Understand how to let your content do the selling for you so that you have people reaching out to YOU.

A proven "Sales Conversation" framework that will forever-change the way you approach selling.

A new-found perspective and confidence when it comes to selling.

You'll walk away with: 

‍Sales is just a conversation. Whether you're looking to land 1:1 clients, sell spots in your next group program, fill your courses, membership or a combination of the above, I'll share proven organic strategies & techniques that will set you up to successfully launch your offer, generate interest and make sales in a way that FEELS GOOD. This will completely reframe the way you see "selling".



Build your website – a step-by-step walkthrough of how to create a website with Squarespace.

Content planning – curating photos and creating high-impact content for your website.

Web design 101 – choosing the theme, font, logo, and colors that connect your ideal client with your brand.

 Foundations – where start your website project, what you'll need, and which platform to choose.

You'll walk away with: 

Having your website can be a big step in your journey as a coach, consultant, therapist or service-based CEO. Make Your Damn Website is a workshop created by More Outlandish just for Bloom. 

Bonus Module: MAKE Your DAMN Website

Get your stuff edited by a content expert each month

YOU know the value of what you're offering, but your dream client needs to hear it in a way that speaks directly to them. 

Taylor is an expert copywriter and content strategist for coaches, healers, practitioners, therapists and service-based holistic businesses. 

Bring your website content, social media posts, emails, your elevator pitch - anything you want to edit with an expert so that it's written to connect with your ideal clients, drive sales & let's you come across exactly how you want in your messaging and content.

PLUS Monthly Copywriting office hours with Taylor

Purpose & Business Coach

Vihra Shopova

Bloom helped me first and foremost gain confidence in myself, my business plan and the transformation I can provide to people. Paige helped me discover that owning all your sides, different skills and interests and showing up authentically is not an obstacle, but rather what makes you stand out as a life coach. 

"I launched my Coaching Business, created my Signature Offer & signed my first 5 paid Clients before finishing the program."

Life Coach for Arab Millennials

Hilal Mohammed

Before working with Paige, I only had an idea: I wanted to launch a spiritual-based business and didn't know what, how, or the framework of it. I did not know what I wanted to offer or who I should be targeting. I needed guidance and accountability.

Within less than 90 days, under Paige's guidance, I defined my signature offer and service, defined my target audience, defined marketing and content strategy, developed a brand, established social media presence, built a website, launched my business & signed 4 clients for a coaching package of $1,500 each, in less than 1 month of my launch.

"I signed 4 clients within one month of launching & generated $6k in revenue!"

Leadership Strategist

Zahraa Dagher, MEd PMP

I'd say what called me in is not having clarity on what to offer and wanting a specific guidance on how to do it. Hilal's recommendations made it easy to say YES and not doubt the value of this offer

Now I have 2 distinct and clear offers. What made all the difference is the FOUNDATIONS work — identifying who exactly in my *dream* client and giving myself the permission to laser focus on them, choosing what FEELS right for me, giving myself permission to take #messyactions, acknowledging how valuable what I offer is and speaking as such.

It's been an eye-opening ride and I didn't expect to get so much on the personal side of things. 

"I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. I have a clear plan now."

Bloom Client testimonials

As your strategy consultant, I'm able to advise you on what to do & how to do it. 

as your transformational coach, I know how to help you find your own answers.

As your business mentor, I am embodying everything I teach & you're able to get my unique perspective.

I do the dance between strategy consultant, transformational coach & business mentor.

The driving force behind Your Lightspace is to contribute to and co-create a more conscious society + better future.

I believe this starts on the inside at the individual level, 
so my intention is to support entrepreneurs who are actively contributing to THIS through their work.  

I am passionate about helping you build a business & I want you to be able to MAKE AN ABUNDANT LIVING doing so. 

I believe MORE money & wealth needs to be in the hands of people raising the vibration of the planet + helping people transform, heal & come home to themselves.

I'm a trusted Mentor to Conscious Leaders who are changing the world from the inside out.

I'm Paige! 

Allow me to introduce myself.

Projector 2/4, Taurus sun,
Aquarius moon & Libra Rising


"$6,000 - 4 clients for a coaching package of $1500 each"



"2k so far, but to be honest, I received so much value in return that can hardly be quantified in money but this whole program + the bonuses + the group + your support Paige could be worth at least 10k (+). Learned more than in 1 year of my master degree"

What's your Return on Investment? (ROI)


"I have had 1 actress signing up to test my brand new program. She paied 1K without hesitation."

What's your Return on Investment? (ROI)

- VIHRA, Purpose + BUsiness Coach

"I launched my Coaching Business, created my Signature Offer & signed my first 5 paid Clients before finishing the program."


- SOPHIA, Life Coach

"I am clear on my signature offer & dream clients, I've doubled my email list through a freebie email sequence and have successfully signed two new clients."



After seeing the classes and the last live session, I got the courage to have my first sales call and she went immediately in! She's ready to start once the program launches! And to my surprise this client had asked before her interest but didn't take the leap last time"


You're just simply not ready to take this step, and that's OK <3 

You're not able to make this a priority right now.

You're expecting a magic secret or quick fix.

You're not looking to create a program, service or digital product offering within your business

It's NOT for you if:

You're building a business around true value, with integrity and in service to others. 

You have 8 hours per week to put into building your business.

You're launching your first offer, creating your next offer, or refining an existing offer.

You're a coach, consultant, healer, practitioner, teacher, creator or service-based business.

Bloom IS for you if: