The Bloom Business Accelerator is a 6-month business accelerator for visionary Soulpreneurs who are ready to create & launch their Signature Offer and start working with Dream Clients.

Create your Signature Offer & start working with Dream Clients.


 You have no idea where to start when it comes to defining your niche or dream client, and knowing that you're creating something they actually need.

You’re showing up on social media, but you’re not reaching people as well as you’d like to, you're not sure if your content is landing — and you don’t know how to do it in a way that feels truly aligned. 

You have a 'tool box' of modalities, techniques, trainings or certifications you've invested in, topics you're passionate about and a lot of life experience... but you feel stuck when it comes to bringing it all together in a way that feels clear. You might even feel like you have to choose ONE thing otherwise you'll confuse people. Sound familiar?

You’re excited to bring this thing into the world, but when it comes to the business (especially marketing & sales) side of things, you feel blocked, afraid and not sure where to start.

You feel lost and alone in this process.
You're trying to do it all by yourself.

I see you and I've been exactly where you are right now:

Hey Soulpreneur...

Why should your business have a Signature Offer?

A Signature Offer / Program / Method is a reusable system or framework that you use to facilitate your Dream Client's desired transformation, help them reach a goal, milestone or solve a problem.

So, rather than having to approach each new client's journey from 0, you have your Signature Offer / Program / Method to lean on & execute over and over again. 

It's your unique process for getting your Dream Clients from  A to B - infused with your tools, modalities and unique magic. It's UNIQUELY YOURS, so competition becomes irrelevant. It will land with Dream Clients who RESONATE with your way of solving the problem they have or approaching the goal they want to reach... so you can say goodbye to working un-aligned clients.

Plus, being able to clearly communicate your offer & show that you have a unique method for getting your clients from where they are now, to where they want to be, gives your Dream Clients the confidence to invest in themselves by working with you.

And yes....

you can use this TO create 1:1 programs & services, group programs, courses, memberships and masterminds. 

"I launched my Coaching Business, created my Signature Offer & signed my first 5 paid Clients before finishing the program."

Vihra Signed 5 dream clients

Bloom helped me first and foremost gain confidence in myself, my business plan and the transformation I can provide to people. Paige helped me discover that owning all your sides, different skills and interests and showing up authentically is not an obstacle, but rather what makes you stand out as a life coach. 

Vihra Shopova, PURPOSE COACH

"I feel like I've grown into a real entrepreneur throughout bloom. I feel more resilient."

Sophia Doubled her email list

Before working with Paige, I often felt overwhelmed. I had many ideas, but didn't know where to start. Before Bloom, I felt a strong resistance towards all the techy requirements of growing my coaching business. I was also struggling to find my niche and communicate clearly who my offer was for and what the transformation was.

Now, I am clear on my signature offer & dream clients, I've doubled my email list through a freebie email sequence and have successfully signed two new clients.
I feel confident, excited to continue my entrepreneurial journey, aligned to my purpose & core desires in my business and more structured & in flow when in comes to all business tasks. I feel like I've grown into a real entrepreneur throughout bloom. I feel more resilient

Sophia Sänger, Transformational Coach

Bloom Business Accelerator

01. vision clarity + energetic-alignment

When you're in energetic alignment with your goals, you're operating at a frequency that aligns with everything that you're seeking, so what you're seeking naturally flows toward you. This is why mindset & energy work is threaded throughout the entire program.

05. Grow a community of Dream Clients ready to work with you.

Content is at the core of growing your business. It's how you communicate your message, it's how your audience will get to know you & it's how you'll take them from "curious" to "ready to invest".  You'll learn exactly what content to create & how to position yourself. From social media, lead-magnet freebies to offline techniques, curate your own mix that allow you to show up  feeling your best. 

03. design the Client Transformation & your unique method for facilitating it. 

Do you know what makes your process different from others? Distill all of your knowledge, modalities and tools into a unique method or framework that's uniquely yours. With total clarity on HOW you do what you do, communicating will become easy and selling will feel natural.


Confidently develop your Signature Offer's, structure, content & all of the magic in between— walking away with a complete program that your Dream Clients need & that's easy to sell. 

06. Embodied Selling with ease & confidence.

Selling is rarely about money and has more to do with how you're articulating the value of what you offer. Sell your Signature Offer with soul & confidence and completely reframe the way you see "selling" with my proven Sales Framework that I use to book-out my 1:1 and group programs.

07. Systems & Tech, Simplified.

I'm guessing technology is the LAST thing you want to deal with when it comes to getting your conscious business off the ground. It doesn't have to be complicated! I will show you how to find the platform that meets all of your needs quickly and easily.

02. Clarify your Niche & Dream Client.

You'll become crystal clear on your Niche and Dream Client(s) & how to create messaging that speaks directly to them so that your Signature Offer is a no-brainer. 

The curriculum

Monthly Live Trainings & Workshops with guest experts. 

Pause & take a deep breath in... now slowly exhale.

then ask yourself:

What do I want my life & business to look like 6 months from now?

What If I could make that happen even faster with an absolute expert, who has been where i am, by my side?

"I signed 4 clients within 1 month of launching & generated $6k in revenue!"

Hilal Signed 4 dream clients!

Before working with Paige, I only had an idea: I wanted to launch a spiritual-based business and didn't know what, how, or the framework of it. I did not know what I wanted to offer or who I should be targeting. I needed guidance and accountability.

Within less than 90 days, under Paige's guidance, I defined my signature offer and service, defined my target audience, defined marketing and content strategy, developed a brand, established social media presence, built a website, launched my business & signed 4 clients for a coaching package of $1,500 each, in less than 1 month of my launch.

Hilal Mohammed, spiritual life coach, Ascension Guide

"I am completely self-employed within 1 year of launching my business.'

Anna launched her business & booked out her 1:1 coaching

Before Bloom, I didn't know how to join my knowledge and what to prioritize. Felt super overwhelmed and I didn't know if my pricing expectations are too high. Bloom gave me structure and a roadmap which took away the overwhelm. The Bloom group also gave me so much inspiration and strength.

I feel more confident, guided and supported. I have more confidence in selling my offer, more clarity regarding my offer, so many insights, tips and breakthroughs, endless love and support from the group. I closed my first 2k client & I discovered so many new things regarding tech, strategy and mindset. 

Really - this program is amazing and I couldn't wish for anything more. I'm so grateful that I could be part of it and the value you offered us Paige is unbelievable. You are such an incredible human and mentor.

Anna-Theresa Krug | Coaching & Breathwork

I love the energy of the group that Paige creates with lots of love, joy and calmness.

Misia booked-out her 1:1 program

Before Bloom I felt lonely with everything I was struggling with. I also lack some of the technical skills like how to make an online program and reach my dream clients.

During the cooperation with Paige I felt more confident about my life purpose. I also got beautiful inspirations and the group support. I started to have more 1:1 Dream Clients and help them much better. I also realised that everything that I was doing before was important part of my path and that I'm doing pretty well. It tastes better when you can see it in some other professional eyes.

I love the energy of the group that Paige creates with lots of love, joy and calmness. It gives me inner grounding. I'm more ready to conquer the world now!
Thank you sooo freakin much! xxx Misia

Michalina Kochanowska BRand MEdicine

Monthly Copywriting Office Hours

With Taylor, An expert copywriter and content strategist for coaches, healers, practitioners, therapists and service-based holistic businesses. 

Money magnetics workshop


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Workshop + Guided Hypnosis

Cyclical Business: Syncing your Business to your Natural Cycle

Get your first 1,000 Email subscribers Workshop

Shawn Booked out his 1:1 Coaching within 60 days

"It took me less than a month to earn back my investment, and since then my business has expanded rapidly."

Paige helped me discover how capable I was from the very beginning. I've realized that I can dream much bigger than I imagined in building a personal business I feel really proud of.

Shawn barry,  Therapist + Transformational  Coach for artists

I've worked with hundreds of soulpreneurs. AND I've been exactly where you are now.

As a soulpreneur myself, I know how overwhelming it feels when you’re always hustling to make it. Single-sessions. Hourly pricing. Random projects. Offering everything to everyone. 

Everything changed for me the moment I realized what I needed was not more clients, more hours in the day, more experience, more skills, or to be putting in any more time and energy than I already was. I already had all the expertise, tools, modalities & YOU-nique magic I needed to create a transformational program. What I was lacking was CLARITY.

As soon as I got clear on exactly WHO I wanted to work with and WHAT I could do for them with my Signature Offer, I began to attract dream clients. And they started to get amazing results because the program was created around their needs. The more clients I worked with, the more refined and simple the offer became. I gained so much confidence because I absolutely knew that it worked. And selling it got easy.

It all starts with a Signature Offer. I have since transformed my method into group programs, courses, and digital products and been able to grow Lightspace what it is today: the place for soulpreneurs to grow & scale their business.


Bloom is perfect for you if:

You're a coach. healer, practitioner, teacher, or creator in the wellness or personal development space

You have no idea who you want to serve or how you want to help them

You're launching your first offer, creating your next offer, or refining an existing offer

You're not looking to create a program offering within your business

You're ready to show up, do the work and bring your dreams to life

It's probably not for you if...

You're not ready to invest in yourself & business

How do I know this will work for me?

The answer lies in the amount of action you’re ready to take to make it all happen. I’m going to show up 110% and lay out PROVEN frameworks and strategies for you, we're going to explore ways to implement what you're learning that highlights YOUR unique strengths. I’m going to support you and make sure you’re clear on your steps, and then it’s up to you to follow through.


What kind of results have past clients seen with this program?

Typically my Bloom students return their program investment within 50 days of starting the program (that's about half-way through the program). They launch their business, show up online as the leader they are & they land their first few Dream Clients before the program ends.  But let me be clear: they show up 100% and do the work. All of it. It's not always easy either. Entrepreneurship is the path less traveled for a reason - it can be difficult and confusing at times, but that's where having a coach there to guide you through it comes into play... and you wouldn't believe how comforting it is to have a community of people next to you on their "same-same but different" journeys too, it's really incredible to witness and facilitate.  

How is Bloom different from other programs out there?

We not only work on creating your Signature Offer, but we also focus on actually launching it. We go deep into marketing strategy and sales so that you *finish the program with clients* and customers. You leave ready to tackle your next milestone.

It’s different from the rest because it’s designed specifically for soulpreneurs and your appreciation for mindset and energy work. I understand the importance of this and I know you do too. I know your target audience on an intrinsic level and I know staying true to your values and staying authentic is the most important thing to you. The program is designed around that — around integrity and authenticity, around the notion that we’re here to help raise the vibration of the planet together.