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Scale Your Conscious Business Online Using this Incredibly Simple Framework

Expanding your offerings through a product pyramid gives you a clear path toward scaling your business online — by simply repackaging what you already love, know and do.

A product pyramid allows you to take your core offering — the absolute core of what you do and repackage it into what I call high, mid and low ticket & touch offerings. So that’s high-touch / high-ticket; mid-touch / mid-ticket and low-touch / low-ticket. Make sense so far? I’m going to give you the full rundown below.

No matter your profession or expertise, if you’re trying to grow your conscious business online, the goal here is to scale, or serve more people at once, and create a variety of revenue streams using the core of what you have, instead of trying to create a bunch of totally different offerings. 

This is truly how to make a BUSINESS that you can not only LIVE off of, but THRIVE from 🙂 

Let’s walk through a client example of a product pyramid:   

Meet Anja. The core of what she does is Energy Healing and she’s also a Divine Feminine Channel. 

Any energy healer will tell you, nothing is more effective than the care, attention, and intimacy of a 1 to 1 session. Whether you are doing Reiki or Acupressure, a private session allows you to cater your service exactly to your client’s needs, and it is something that cannot be scaled. Which is exactly why this portion of any energy healer’s business goes as the top of their conscious product pyramid. 

Her Energy Healing sessions are at the tip-top of her product pyramid — as it requires that she trades a block of her time for money, as the session is unique to the client. And her sessions come at a high price point, $350 per hour sessions. 

 Product Pyramid
Scale Your Conscious Business Online Using the Lightspace Product Pyramid Framework

Moving down to the middle of her product pyramid aka mid-ticket / mid-touch

Over time, Anja expanded in consciousness, she fell deeper in love with the Divine Feminine Energy and Goddess Archetypes. So, she decided to create a 12-week group program. A sacred container for empathic women looking to connect more with their divine feminie and go on a healing journey together. 

The program’s core content is an 8-module course, a private Facebook Group, and 2x live 60 minute monthly goddess circles / aka group calls per month. 

There are 25 spots and she sells each spot for $860. So that’s $21,500 in revenue. 

Now let’s break down the time involved:

  • Anja created the course material ONCE, many group programs ago (she of course updates the content every now and then). 
  • She spends a couple of hours per week engaging with her clients in the Facebook Group, answering questions and giving feedback as they go through the program modules. 
  • And she spends 2 hours per month doing the live calls and 2 hours prepping for each call. 

Let’s be generous and say she dedicates around 40 hours over the course of 12 weeks (3 months) to her group program. So around 13 hours per month. All of that in exchange for $21,500. That’s around 13 hours per month at around $7,100 per month. Yes – I’m serious! 

Now, moving down to the Lower part of the product pyramid — the low-ticket / low-touch

Say her group program above consists of 8 modules, all touching on different goddess archetypes. She then took each of those modules and created stand-alone workshops and courses. So the SAME content, repackaged individually and sold at around $75 per course. 

Of course this doesn’t include access to the private community, nor does it include calls with Anja — or any interaction at all with Anja. These just sell on auto-pilot while she sleeps. And the best part? Students from her courses usually end up signing up for her group program because they want more. 

That’s multiple offerings from the same core offer. The combination of her 1:1 sessions, her Group Programs, Courses (and membership!) has given her a multiple 6-figure business to stand firmly and confidently on. 

The Lightspace Product Pyramid Framework

Thinking about your own business or business idea: how could expanding your offerings online transform your business?

This is at the core of what I do with my clients — for over 8 years. Chances are, your business  or business idea IS scalable, you just need some clarity and direction. If you’re ready to turn your calling into your career, hop on my calendar or check out my coaching program. Tell me your story and I’ll guide the rest! 

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