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3 things to focus on when launching your coaching business

The Only 3 Things You Need to Focus On When Launching Your Coaching Business

We often tend to overcomplicate the process of launching our coaching business and getting it off the ground. You don't need a million different tools and steps to make it work. Concentrate on mastering these 3 steps, refine them and sign your first Dream Clients.
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In the online coaching space, you hear a lot about “10k months”, “6-figure businesses”, etc. This can be daunting when you’re launching your coaching business and just starting to get it off the ground. You want to go FAST and you want things to happen NOW.

I see many coaches in the starting phase either spreading their focus too thin across many things or feeling stuck and not being able to move forward. One of the biggest mistakes we can make when launching our coaching business at the start is trying to do it all… That looks like:

  • Trying to create a million different coaching, service or product offerings right out of the gate
  • Trying to serve EVERYONE, so not having a defined dream client
  • Trying to do alllllll of the marketing things, rather than curating a strategy that works for YOU

… just to name a few.  

We go into “do it all – now!” mode out of scarcity thinking: feeling like we have to do all of the things, right now! When in reality, this drains our energy and we’re not able to penetrate the surface of any of those things because our energy is spread thin.I believe this resonates with you. Maybe you’re either tried or are still thinking about getting your biz off the ground already, but you’re stuck.

Take a deep breath in.
Let me make this very easy for you.
Launching your Coaching Business doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

In the phase that you’re currently in you need to plant your seeds for sustainable growth and cultivate success. Layer by layer you will build a strong foundation to support you in bringing your dreams to life! And no worries, you WILL reach those 5k, 10k, 20k+ months. I’ve guided over +80 clients + students as well as built my own thriving online/offline conscious biz in doing exactly this. 

Here are the 3 most important things you need to focus on when launching your coaching business:

1. The problem that you’re solving / or the transformation you’re facilitating — the ‘WHAT’

The transformation process that you’re able to create is the first thing you want to have clarity over. What is the problem you are solving for people? What are you helping them overcome? What are you teaching them? How have they changed after working with you? This often times is connected with your personal mission and the change you want to create on an even global scale in the world.

2. Get clear on who you’re doing that for — the ‘WHO’

When you serve everyone, you serve no one! I won’t stop repeating this. You have to define very precisely who are the people you’re creating this transformation for. How do they feel? What are their needs? What struggles do they have? Get as detailed as possible so you can truly attract your soul-aligned clients and if you’re wondering why we aim to get as many details as possible – read here the importance of niching down, when defining your dream client.

3. And get clear on exactly how you’re doing that — the ‘HOW’

How do you create this transformation for them? What are the steps and tools you use? How long would this take? Which elements are a part of the process? Here it’s very important to stay true and authentic to your practices and create your unique program. There is no right way to do this. You have the tools and you shape your signature offer.

And that’s it!
You complete these 3 steps, you refine it with your first (paid) clients and you know you’re starting on good, solid foundations.

Now imagine how it would feel to have your next steps mapped out. Having support, structure & expert guidance from a mentor who knows how to get you from where you are now to exactly where you want to be. To help you collapse time. To leap forward in ways you didn’t realise were possible.

And I want to make sure you know what’s possible and available to you too. 

I’ve created a FREE online training which will guide you through The 5 Keys to Building a Consistent Income with your coaching business. I’ve gathered all of my knowledge and insights that I’ve gained over the past 10 years and created a true no-bullshit guide to building a sustainable and scalable business in 2022.


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