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Fearless Sales

3 Easy Steps To Become Fearless at Sales

If you’re freaked out by Sales, this one’s for you. Here are my 3 best pointers for fearless sales – as someone who used to hate sales and now thrives in it.

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If you’re a coach, holistic practitioner or service-based conscious business, and you’re freaked out by Sales, this one is especially for you. As a person who used to hate sales, I know how hard it can be to jump into calls and confidently sell your programs and services. And if you’re feeling lost – that’s okay!

At the start, many people feel unsure sure what to talk about, clueless on how to structure the conversation and just winging it every time. No one teaches us this in school, most of the tips you’ll find on the internet are way too pushy and you feel lost in how to approach the sales conversation.

But I got your back!
With the right structure and awareness of how to approach the sales conversation, you NEVER have to experience that feeling again.

Here are my 3 easy steps how to overcome the fear of sales and do it in an aligned way and flow easily in the conversation.

Sales can be easy and fun

Imagine this: You, ready to go into your Sales Conversation with a potential client  — let’s call it a Clarity Call. You know the structure of the conversation you’re about to have and you know how to guide it. You’ve done your research and you’re feeling cool & confident about the conversation. You glide through the conversation and you end the call with your next Dream Client.  

Sounds great, right? Well, it can actually be that easy. 
No, I’m not bullsh*tting you. It really can be.  

Let me back up… 
To become fearless at sales, it all comes down to mindset and clarity

Confidence and our overall energy around SALES is a huge part of the work I do with clients & students because it’s usually the thing that people are most blocked around. Not that shocking, right? 

There are so many reasons why the “traditional”, masculine sales approach does not feel good for most of us, especially when what we are selling is heart-driven, and probably requires a deeper engagement and sense of connection with the client. So our approach gets to be different (and trust me, it works!)

Clarity around how you’re structuring the conversation and the direction you’re taking it is hugely important. You get to drive the conversation! With the right amount of structure, you’re able to let the conversation flow more naturally… and remember, it’s just a conversation.  

Fearless Sales Coaching at Your LightSpace

Many of my Bloom Business Accelerator students are at the point in their journey where they’re booking clarity calls with potential clients and testing the waters signing new clients. And last week during one of our live sessions, we were discussing the Sales Conversation and helping someone prepare for their Clarity Call the following day. 

Here are 3 very important & concrete pieces of advice for fearless sales that came out of this conversation.

1. Let go of the outcome of the Sales Conversation

So often we get caught up in closing the sale, making money or our own personal validation that we can overlook whether or not we are actually the best fit for this person.  What you also want to feel into here is if you feel excited to work with this person, and your job is to listen to that intuitive “yes” or “no”. 

2. Lead the conversation confidently & curiously

Having a sense of how you’re going to structure the conversation, to lead your potential client, to give them a glimpse of what it’s like to work with you is the goal here. To do this well, you want to have a sense of structure & how to navigate the conversation. You can consider this the masculine elements of the Sales Conversation.  

I teach you a framework inside of Bloom that helps you structure your sales conversation so that you’re able to steer the conversation, feel confident and not lose yourself in it. 

3. Lean back & listen

Lastly and probably most importantly, you want to lean back and trust that you’ve given this person what they need to take action, and if they’re the right fit, then they will take action. Consider this the feminine elements of the Sales Conversation. Letting go of trying to convince and persuade will be the most game-changing thing you do in your efforts to grow your business and create clients – and most of us never wanted to do it like that anyway!  

It’s worth mentioning that the Bloom student we were supporting during the call and giving this advice to, applied it & closed the deal. Of course she did. Because she know’s how to articulate the value of what she’s offering and she knows how to navigate the sales conversation. 

These are things that ANYONE can learn and become good at. It’s all learnable. I hope that gave you even the smallest dose of what you needed to hear to inspire you to reframe the way you see “selling”. Creating clients in your business REALLY doesn’t have to be difficult.

If you’re feeling stuck at sales right now and you shy away when it comes to talking about your offers and services and signing up new clients, I want to invite you to join the Bloom Business Accelerator: the 6-month business accelerator for visionary Soulpreneurs who are ready to create & launch their Signature Offer and start working with Dream Clients.

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