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4 Reasons Why Every Soulpreneur Needs a Signature Offer

In a world full of noise — especially online, it’s so important to stand out if you want to level-up and get serious about growing your conscious business. Whether you’re a coach, consultant, freelancer, service provider, having a Signature Offer will help you stand out, eliminate competition and make more money. How? read on.

I was recently asked, “who needs a signature offer?”

And while I could easily say “everyone needs a signature offer”, I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

Not everyone will have a signature offer because not everyone is trying to elevate their brand and become THE go-to specialist within their niche for that thing they do. 

First of all, what is a Signature Offer?

I define “Signature Offer” as the unique expression of how you facilitate transformation within your clients 🌈

Something that encompasses your philosophy, expertise, and you-niqueness as a teacher, trainer, or coach all wrapped up in the perfect solution to get your Dream Clients from where they are now, to where they want to be (a.k.a the Dream Client Transformation).

Being able to communicate your offer & show that you have a “signature” system, method or some kind of framework, gives your Dream Clients the confidence they need to invest in themselves and take that next step by investing in your program or service.

If you want to learn the 7 Steps to Create your Signature Offer, read this blog post.

Having a Signature Offer helps you become known within your niche

Let’s face it: one of the biggest challenges in business is cutting through the noise. Signature offers make sense for soulpreneurs who want to be known as a specialist in their niche or the go-to person for that specific transformation or method. In order to be successful and make it lucrative, you need to believe you’re the expert in your offer, well, because you are. It’s YOUR signature offer — your unique method, that thing that only you do, that magical way you do it… (goodbye, imposter syndrome!)

Think about the influencers you’re following within your space. The programs or offerings they have that are so specific to their brand and they’re known for it. THATS a Signature Offer.

A Signature Offer eliminates competition

When you become known for something specific, that you created and infused with your you-nique magic, and deliver in a way that only YOU know how, your competition disappears. No one else will do it quite like you can and that is your superpower.

You’ll earn more money with a Signature Offer 💰

Say goodbye to trading time for money. As you test and refine your Signature Offer your clients will start to get incredible results and therefore you’ll get incredible feedback. You’ll have a proven way of doing things that gets results every single time, which means you’re charging for the value of the transformation and results instead of charging hourly.

Plus as you’re delivering this offer, program or service over and over again, you will optimize the system and the content, therefore delivering it will become much more efficient, and that alone will make it more profitable.

Signature Offer creates LEVERAGE in your biz

What I mean is, as you spend the time refining it, getting amazing results and building an audience, you’ll discover ways to expand that offer by repackaging it into other formats— without having to come up with a new offer. You simply repackage this one.

For example if your signature offer is a 1:1 program, you can eventually turn that into a group program, or break down the modules into masterclasses or low-ticket offers. Cultivating these different revenue streams is what creates financial stability in business. And doing using the SAME offering is just so damn practical. It’s in this strategy that you start to realize passive and recurring revenue.

Ready to Create & Launch Your Signature Offer?

I’m taking a group of soulpreneurs through my 90-day process designed to take you step-by-step through creating & launching any offer, at any price point, anytime with complete confidence & clarity. By the end of the program, you will have created your core offer and signature system, you will confidently launch it, and you’ll have the tools to completely sell it out. The best part? The system is rinse-wash-repeatable for all of your future offers. Learn more about the Bloom Business Accelerator.

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