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Create Your Signature Offer

Create your Signature Offer in 7 Steps

I define ‘Signature Offer’ as the unique expression of how you facilitate transformation within your clients. Here are 8 steps to take to create your Signature Offer.

Get Clear on your BIG VISION

And I’m not just talking about your vision for your Signature Offer or for your business, but your vision for your dream life. What’s the point of growing a thriving business if it doesn’t support the life of your dreams, right? Get clear on what that looks like for you and then realize that you really do deserve it and that it REALLY can be yours. Anchor yourself in the energy that it’s already yours (the foundation to manifesting what we want). Now you’re ready to take inspired action.

Create your Signature Offer based on your Dream Client’s Desired Transformation.

Your Dream Clients sign up for results— period. You might already know the value of what you’re offering, but your dream client needs to hear it in a way that speaks directly to them. They need to see you and your Signature Offer as the thing that’s going to get them from where they are now, to where they want to be. Truly understanding your dream client (far beyond the typical persona) and target niche will allow you to create messaging that will let them feel seen and heard by you, which ultimately is what they need to know that your offer is a great fit. 

Design your Signature System & Content Strategy that Facilitates the Dream Client Transformation.

Now map out how you’ll be getting your dream client from where they are now to where they want to be (a.k.a the Dream Client Transformation). What are the steps involved? What do they need to know? What skills to they need to develop? What blocks and mindset shifts need to take place? And most importantly, how can you make that process as simple as possible for them? Set them up to take ACTION! Create your Signature Offer with these points in mind.

Always remember to filter your ideas, content and programming through the lens of the Dream Client Transformation, as you need to make sure that it’s all tying back to that (this is actually a great hack for cutting out the noise and focusing on what’s driving results).

Hone in on your YOU-niqueness— what makes your Signature Offer uniquely yours?

You already have a unique way of doing things like only YOU can. I would bet that you have several “tools” in your toolbox. Maybe you love to create guided meditations, or you’re a breathwork facilitator, a yoga instructor or an energy healer. A common myth is that utilising these tools and modalities will “confuse” your clients, but actually all you need is this simple mindset shift: These tools and modalities are simply tools in your toolbox. Think about how you can use them to support your Dream Clients through their transformation. How can you integrate your you-niqueness into your Signature Offer’s method, framework or system.

Price your Signature Offer based on the value of the transformation it delivers.

That’s right. We do not price based on what we *think* our Dream Clients can afford, what our neighbour is charging for their Signature Offer, what we think we’re worth or anything like that. We base our pricing on 5 things to consider when pricing your Signature Offer, which I elaborate on in this blog post, but the basis of that is the value of the dream client transformation. What’s it worth to your dream client?

And remember that money is just energy — do the necessary work to drop your limiting beliefs & negative subconscious programming around receiving money!

Create a marketing plan for your Signature Offer that feels authentic & true to you.

Funnels, marketing, technology— the stuff that makes your head spin. I get it. I’ve always loved this stuff, but I get that you’d rather be focused on creating your signature offer, sharing your gifts & doing what you love, right?
Through supporting clients through so many launches, the common thread I’ve observed is that you’re overwhelmed by SO MANY options — freebies, webinars, FB groups, what she’s doing, what they’re doing, etc. It’s a LOT of noise. And it’s just that: NOISE.

The trick to a sold out launch? Hone in on YOUR strengths and string together just a FEW elements that support that. It’s *actually* that simple. Piece it together, test it, refine it and then throw it on auto-pilot to do the selling for you.

And remember: the success of your launch starts way before your launch! Get started early building your audience & delivering value

Deliver a customer experience that turns your customers into raving fans..

The beauty of creating a signature offer is that you can refine it over and over again and a few things happen when we do this: our dream clients get amazing results because our signature method becomes proven, the delivery process for you becomes easier and smoother because you’re able to optimize it each time. Your dream clients walk away with amazing results and your profit margin continues to increase.

Get your systems & tech in place to make it all flow seamlessly.

And finally, the pull all of the above off smoothly and seamlessly, you need to implement systems. This is a must for your business in general if you want to grow it. While creating your signature offer, think about the requirements involved to attract your dream clients and deliver the program. Keep the tech simple, especially when you’re starting out and build on it over time.

Ready to Create & Launch Your Signature Offer?

I’m taking a group of soulpreneurs through my 90-day process designed to take you step-by-step through creating & launching any offer, at any price point, anytime with complete confidence & clarity. By the end of the program, you will have created your core offer and signature system, you will confidently launch it, and you’ll have the tools to completely sell it out. The best part? The system is rinse-wash-repeatable for all of your future offers. Learn more about the Bloom Business Accelerator.

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