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The 7 Steps To Getting Your Business Off The Ground

The 7 Steps You Need to Take To Get Your Coaching Business Off The Ground

It’s really no secret at this point that you can turn your passion into a thriving business and do that for a living. However getting your coaching business off the ground can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to focus your energy.

I know that you’re amazing at what you do. You’re passionate about helping people transform, awake and expand. You have the vision, the knowledge & background to be this person you aspire to be, but you haven’t started to build yet. You have a strong vision for how you want your life to look + feel. You can see it in your heart. You see others doing it and you know it’s available for you, too.

But when it comes to the business side of things (esp. marketing + sales) and trully getting your coaching business off the ground you feel blocked and have no idea where to start.

Too many things you feel like you need to focus on, while at the same time, not knowing if these are even the right things to be focusing on. Maybe you’re:

+ Not sure where to start
+ Confused who to serve / how to niche
+ Don’t know how to structure your offer
+ No clue how to start getting clients
+ No idea what you should be charging
…especially in a way that feels aligned & like something you *actually* feel good doing.

What could it look like to have someone in your corner who knows exactly how to guide you in building your conscious business sustainably – without the confusion and overwhelm? I’ve worked with over 100 soulpreneurs in creating & launching their business and I’ve found that you can …

Get your coaching business off the ground in 7 simple steps:

1. Get clear on your vision and create a map to get there

Realise that you deserve to live this dream life of yours and it’s possible for you. Anchor yourself in the energy that this life is already yours and it’s time to take inspired action towards it.

2. Deeply understand your Dream Client’s desired transformation

Define your ideal client and understand where they are now and where they want to be. The best programs and services facilitate a transformation deep beyond the surface. At this point it’s also really important to Narrow Your Niche and go very specific on who your Dream Client is.

3. Design your Unique Method for facilitating that transformation.

Hone your uniqueness! As a multi-passionate being, you have many tools and modalities in your toolkit. These can be integrated – you don’t have to choose just one.

4. Package it into a Signature Offer

One you’ve defined the core of what you do, package it into a 1:1 program, group program, a service package, a digital course, mastermind, membership or retreat. And if you’re not convinced yet, here’s why it’s crucial to build a Signature Offer at the start of your coaching business.

5. Cultivate a community of Dream Clients through Magnetic Content.

Discover your unique voice and craft messaging that speaks to the heart + soul of your Dream Client.

6. Master the Sales Conversation & Sign Dream Clients

Sales is incredibly learnable and once you have it down, you’ll be signing clients with ease and confidence.

7. Deliver an amazing client experience and turn your clients into raving fans

Do what you do best and watch your clients continue to come back and refer their network.

Think about what your life might look like in 3 or 6 months from now if you could cut through all of the noise and only focus on the things that will actually move the needle forward for you?

If you know you’re ready… If you’re tired of playing small & tired of STILL sitting on this idea… If you’re starting to feel more + more grounded knowing that this is what you want & you’re ready to take that chance on yourself (the safest bet you can make tbh), then I invite you to take the next step.

I’ve created a FREE online training which will guide you through The 5 Keys to Building a Consistent Income with your coaching business. I’ve gathered all of my knowledge and insights that I’ve gained over the past 10 years and created a true no-bullshit guide to building a sustainable and scalable business in 2022.


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