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Narrowing Your Niche Will Help Your Business Grow

Why Narrowing Your Niche is Crucial For Your Business Growth

There was one very clear moment on my business path that drastically moved things for me and completely changed the direction of my business.

It was overcoming my fear of niching.

Everything changed when I got clear on WHO I wanted to work with, WHAT I would help them achieve and HOW I could do it in my own unique way. I started attracting Dream Clients because my message became crystal clear. They started to get amazing results because my offer was created around their needs. Selling became simple and competition became irrelevant.

It’s time to get pretty specific on your niche!

When I stopped trying to be EVERYTHING for EVERYONE, not only did my business soar because everything became so much more clear but I found purpose in my work because I was intentional about who I was serving, how & why. You might not believe it right now (I sure didn’t when I was getting started), but clarifying your niche and your Dream Client and creating your offer around their needs specifically will catapult your business forward and save you years of trial and error, playing the surface because you’re stuck trying to be everything for everyone. ​​​​​​​​​​

If you’re getting started or re-focusing your business (like I did back then), consider focusing your energy on creating a Signature Offer that’s designed to help a pretty specific Dream Client solve a pretty specific problem or achieve a pretty specific milestone. ​​​​​I emphasise pretty specific because I get it – not all of us have or need to have hyper-specific niches & that’s perfectly ok! What I’m suggesting is that you try to narrow as much as it makes sense for you. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The most common limiting beliefs around Niching

All of this might sound confusing to you right now and that’s okay. Trust me, I felt resistance to niching too and had many limiting beliefs around it for a long time. Looking back I see how they held me from getting my business off the ground and serving the right people from the get go. Here are the most common the limiting beliefs I had back then and I often recognise in my clients. Maybe you’ll see yourself in them too.

1. ”My Dream Client is multiple kinds of people”

You might be wondering, “well my Dream Client is two / multiple kinds of people, what do I do?”. I get this question a lot. However, I believe that there’s a clear connection in between these Dream Clients that you’re not seeing because of the way you think you’re supposed to niche – by demographics. But here’s the thing: demographics aren’t always relevant. You can untangle this by narrowing your niche based on the transformation your Program, Service or Signature Offer delivers instead of narrowing your niche based on demographics. ​​​​​​​​

2. ”Narrowing my niche means I’m loosing potential clients”

This is the most common reaction people have when they hear the word ”niching”. But here’s the thing: if you’re trying to speak to everyone, you end up speaking no one. Why? Because your messaging stays surface level. By narrowing your niche, you actually start attracting more people, because you’re speaking directly to their needs, goals and pain points. You might “lose” a few clients but they’re not your soul-aligned dream people you want to work with. And we’re here to build a soul-aligned businesses.

Narrowing Your Niche for faster and sustainable Business Growth

3. ”Narrowing my niche means I can’t expand my business in the future”

You’re not married to this ONE offer you’re starting with forever. Your offering suite and target audience will expand and grow just like you will. But you have to start small. This IS undoubtedly the best & most sustainable way to get started if your goal is longevity.

The benefits of narrowing down your niche

When you clarify your niche and start to define your Dream Client, a ripple effect starts & goes something like this: 

  • your message becomes crystal clear
  • which helps you cultivate deeper, more authentic connections with your Dream Clients
  • this helps you stand out from businesses or brands offering something similar
  • therefore you’ll attract MORE Dream Clients and people within your niche market

Your community will grow, your earnings potential will increase, you’ll serve more people and create more IMPACT. And that’s why we’re here, right? 

You’re probably thinking “GREAT.. but how do I niche down?”. Getting started is the hardest part, especially when you have no framework to support you in narrowing your niche + defining your dream clients.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Unblocking you on this very topic is one of my superpowers. If you’re feeling stuck right now & this is blocking you from moving forward and you’re ready AF to move forward, then I want to invite you to join my Bloom Business Accelerator: the 6-month business accelerator for visionary Soulpreneurs who are ready to create & launch their Signature Offer and start working with Dream Clients. One of the first things we do together is get clear and confident about WHO you serve and HOW. Intrigued?

Book into a free 20min Clarity Call to connect with me, discuss your business and feel out of Bloom is the right fit for you.

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