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Grow Your Coaching Business and Make Consistent Income

Grow Your Coaching Business to 10k Months & Make Consistent Income

Yes, making consistent income with your coaching business can be easy when you have the right framework and support. Here’s how to grow your business to 10k months in four simple steps.

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Over the last year I experienced MASSIVE growth in my business. I booked out my signature 1:1 program, scaled my business through a group program and increased my energetic minimum to consistent 10k months. I saw how my 10 years of experienced in this field translated into strategy and implementation that really worked.

I wholeheartedly believe that planting the right seeds, working on your business strategy and developing the right mindset can cultivate consistent growth. Over the last year I’ve guided over 40 clients + students as well as built my own thriving online/offline conscious biz in doing exactly this. And if I can do it…

YOU CAN do it too. So let’s get you started and stay consistent with your work.

In this blog post I’ll share with you my own path and the incredibly simple strategy I created to help coaches and service-based conscious businesses reach 10k months and generate consistent income with their business – without the confusion and overwhelm.

If your next milestone is to get your business off the ground and start to build consistent income, here’s what I encourage all my clients to focus on when they’re just at the start:

  • Create one Core / Signature Offer
  • Test and refine it with 3-5 clients
  • Refine your messaging
  • Get really comfortable with sales
  • Focus on building a community
  • Then, scale your offer – for example, scaling a 1:1 program to a group program

I walked this path myself. That’s how I know it works. Every day I see more and more of my Bloom Business Accelerator students implement these same steps and grow their coaching or service-based holistic businesses. It’s half of the work is to have the right steps and strategy, the other part – actually putting in the work. My story is not any different. Here are the 4 steps I lived by and how the framework for consistent income worked for me:

01. Get super clear on the niche + ideal client you want to serve and what milestone you want to help them reach.

Rather than trying to be everything for everyone — something I did for SEVERAL years in my business… I made a lot of money but I was exhausted and very unhappy. I wish I would have known that focusing on an ideal client would make things happen so much faster & with less headache. So at the start you want to focus on getting really clear on WHO you want to work with and WHAT can you help them achieve. The next question is HOW?

02. Design the process of getting them from where they are now to where they want to be, then infuse that with your unique magic.

You have to outline really clear what the steps of their transformations are, the methods and tools you want to use and most importantly what is your unique touch on them. One of my favourite break-throughs was realizing that my ideal clients also loved to nerd out over the same topics that I did and it just so happens that mindset, energy tools and personal development go hand-in-hand with the business goals I’m helping them reach – so I integrated mindset + energy into my business coaching. My background is very much strategy oriented and I was used to measuring success with tangible, quantifiable results a *very divine masculine* trait, so integrating mindset work, energy tools and other elements I was personally passionate about, felt like a re-birth.

03. Package it up into a Signature Offer. Start with 1:1, test it with a few clients, integrate insights, refine + improve it.

Book that out, increasing the level of investment over time, based on the value of the transformation it delivers, as well as your income goals. After a few, my client’s results were starting to become consistent, which felt freaking amazing. I was generating around $5k per month from 1:1 coaching clients. I knew this was the point where I’d either focus on high-ticket 1:1 programs or scale my Signature Offer to a group format… I chose to focus on the group format because I love community building & I believe my clients will get even better results from having that support system.

04. Scale your Signature 1:1 Offer to a group format.

This is how my Bloom Business Accelerator was born. I spent all of 2021 testing and refining it with over 40 clients. Layer by layer I refined it, similarly to how I refined and grew my 1:1 offering (same-same but different…). In the background, I continued to increase my 1:1 pricing and refine who that container is perfect for.And there you have it! See, it’s not that hard!

If you want to dive into the whole framework and understand how close you are to creating 10k months yourself, join the 5 Keys to Consistent Income Training where I speak about more in depth both on the strategy and mindset which will take you to consistent income.

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