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My Favorite High Vibe Self-love Practices

As soon as I started to really comprehend the immense power of energy, quantum healing and how we can use our own energy to heal and love ourselves It was like a new world opened up.

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I had always felt connected with the universe in a very big way. 

As soon as I started to really comprehend the immense power of energy, quantum healing and how we can use our own energy to heal and love ourselves It was like a new world opened up. I realized that our thoughts create our reality and the vibe we put out, we get back. I started to see the positive effects of working on my energy, raising my consciousness and self-healing. 

And today I am lucky enough and eternally grateful for the opportunity to work with and support such amazing healers and continue learning about all of the beautiful energy healing tools and modalities. 

Recently I was reflecting on my ride-or-die high-vibe self love practices, so I thought I would share with you my routine as of late! 


Ah breathwork <3 A delicious state of non ordinary consciousness. A place where I let my thoughts go and my energy run wild. I discovered the practice by accident a few years ago, actually. And today I’m a breathwork facilitator. I’m trained in the technique called Psychedelic Breath, which was founded by Eva Kaczor. There are a ton of other techniques to explore which all have their own special twist. 

It’s hard to imagine at first that something so simple as breathing can be so life changing. I mean we’re doing it all the time while not even thinking about it, right? 

Intentional focused breathing can release old traumas and allow you to process repressed emotions. It can connect you with your deeper intuition and higher self. Not to mention there’s a ton of proven health benefits like increasing blood alkalinity, reducing blood pressure, slowing your heart rate and allowing you to slip into a deep state of meditation and vibey consciousness. 

It’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever stumbled upon. 

Breathwork – a delicious state of non-ordinary consciousness

Energy Activation Meditation 

This incredibly special practice I discovered from following Janet Raftis, a Master Energy Healer and Divine Feminine Channel. The only way I know how to describe this is it’s a guided meditation where you’re visualizing and feeling a flow of various energies activating inside of you. It allows you to tap into natural lifeforce energies available to you. It’s incredibly powerful, allowing us to open our selves up to receive, and leaving behind what feels like a beautiful high. 

Sound Healing

One of the most simple and pleasurable ways to take a bath — a sound bath, that is. It’s an amazing way to relieve stress and unwind. Not to mention, it’s a 5000+ year old healing modality. You see, when we allow our bodies to reach a certain level of relaxation, magic happens. We’re able to heal ourselves and restore. My teacher Eugenia Zanchetta from Har Yoga puts it like this: our bodies are like a piano and sometimes they fall out of tune. It’s when we don’t address the un-alignment that plants the seeds for dis-ease. Sound healing through sound baths are essentially a chance to give our bodies and spirit a sacred pause and self love. A chance to unwind, to try to reach the theta state. And with all of the notifications, daily stressors, and never ending stimulus and input (known as beta waves), it’s not exactly easy to reach this state. So I like to treat myself to a sound bath once or twice a week to give myself that pause and hour or so of self love and care. 

Sound healing
Sound Healing is an incredible way to let your body heal itself

Pulling Cards 

I discovered card pulling when I was 22 at my very first job out of college. I don’t know what it is about pulling cards that keeps me so intrigued. Maybe it’s the idea that I could be channeling higher wisdom and knowledge. I would love to think that the universe is communicating with me. I love the questions card pulling presents, the invitations to go deeper into a question, suggestion or concept. And oftentimes the cards speak directly to me or something I might be dealing with. Lately my go-to deck is the Yogic Path by Sahara Rose and the Divine Feminine Oracle deck. I’ve been really into Goddess energy since the start of 2020 and it just really seems to resonate. 

Expressing Gratitude

Perhaps the most basic form of high-vibe self love (for me). I started this practice many moons ago after suffering a heartbreak. I discovered mantras and affirmations to help me pull myself out of a state of sadness and to rebuild my self-confidence and self-love. Over time I truly started to believe what I was telling myself (because it’s true!) and my whole life started to change for the better. I made this a practice by journaling! Anytime I felt like writing my thoughts down or honing in on what I wanted to call into my life. And I must say, the more I am aligned with this practice, the higher my vibration and the better my life. 

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