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The Power Of Mindset + Energy

Mindset + energy go hand in hand.  Your thoughts make up your mindset , which affects your feelings and creates your energy.  The point of mindset shifts and why I emphasize them so much in lightspace is that they will define the energy & perception in your business.  

Most importantly your attitude when ….

creating your offers, addressing your clients, making decisions and overall how you show up . 

If you’re attitude & energy are in the right flow believe it or not this will greatly affect what kind of clients you attract. That’s why this is so important for how you show up in your business.

The most important  mindset shifts you can make that will directly impact you’re energy are the following…

1. Start believing in yourself: This is key in erasing the imposter syndrome, and truly believing that what you do is great and has a real impact. Raising your vibration and making those idea clients see you as an authority , will  genuinely  make them curious and excited about what you’re offering. 

I recommend having some go to affirmations and keeping a folder of client testimonials handy , regularly reading them, especially on those harder days. Also ask your current clients why they choose to work with you , and write down what they say. Their answers will indeed surprise you , and make you find new things you had never thought about. 

2. Establish your boundaries: This relates to all of your business decisions and how you choose to allocate your time & energy. 

Consider those demanding aspects in your biz and establish specific boundaries to protect your energy and avoid overworking and burning out . 

An example could be your client experience, you can establish your boundary by stating that you will, ” only allow clients to contact you on mondays.” If you’re afraid that this will upset your clients , this is the exact opposite. This will set the expectations clear and allow you to show up as your best self, and have more energy to answer their doubts and be of best assistance to them. 

3.  Have a clear plan & vision: This will reinforce your confidence and keep you aligned with your why and objectives. Consider writing the “future me” exercise, by narrating what your everyday would look like once you’ve achieved your vision. Think about..

How would you  feel ?

What would your everyday workflow look like?

How would you wake up?

How would your client’s lives change ?

What are you wearing and what does your living space look like?

What  do your offers look like ?

4.Shift from “person who does it all” to CEO of your biz : This is the key in developing an intentional business and protecting your zone of genius. The resistance to letting go and outsourcing some areas of your business,  will save you from burning out and feeling like you’re working all the time. This will allow you to show up in a better space, create your offers from a purpose driven mindset and most importantly , help your clients and bring those transformations you promised, as you will have more energy to serve THEM (instead of those time consuming admin tasks)

So remember mindset is just as important as all those business strategies, don’t overlook it, as before you can truly help your clients you have to be in  a good place yourself. 

For more mindset shifts discover the blog post on what is a scarcity mindset & how to overcome it

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