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How to create a subscription library for your yoga business

In our current times where the online world is dominating our physical world. As a yoga teacher, if you haven’t considered shifting your classes online, you’re missing a great opportunity. I understand that creating the same experience digitally as you do in your physical practice may be difficult. However today I’ll break down a key solution to adapting your business model within the new digital landscape..

The answer ?

Creating an online membership for your yoga classes so your customers can easily access them by creating a virtual type studio experience

What does this consist of?

This is basically a library of video classes as part of your website , that customers pay to have access to , where you can create classes on live stream by zoom for example or simple record them and pop them in your library monthly. 

Why will this help your yoga business?

Facilitates the experience for your customers as it best mimics that of a studio, 

Creates income security through the membership business model, so you can assure to have money coming in every month

Gives more flexibility to your customers as they can take the class whenever convenient 

Creates a scalable business model for your yoga studio as you can access clients worldwide and don’t necessarily have to be present live as a teacher 

Today I’m going to break down the steps to make this happen..

1. Decide the different membership options you want to make available and what will be included, for example you can have a lower package with an access for beginners and maybe a premium one with more advanced classes (prices more less start at 10 dollars up to 30 dollars monthly). I recommend niching down into your area of expertise for example only offering kundalini or yoga Nidra, as this will help you differentiate . 

2. Consider what filters and themes you will organize your classes in , I love ALO MOVES selection where you can select your video class by yoga style and skills level, this can be by results, level, intensity, time of day, feel free to get creative

3.Consider giving a free 7-30 day trial so customers can try out your classes, and better trust you when the time comes to invest in a monthly membership , you will have higher retention rates and establish customer loyalty.

4.Invest in high quality videos , and a clean background , now this doesn’t have to be fancy , I love the videos from you with Adrienne Just make sure to use a clear and simple neutral background , where your students can easily see your movements and record in the correct dimensions according to your digital platform (usually in a rectangular format)

5.Consider mixing up recorded classes with a set of livestream using something simple like zoom, this up levels the experience & value as your customers will get the same impression as being in real time with you. 

6.Consider using a simple booking & payment system to facilitate the experience , for payments something like PayPal, stripe and for bookings we recommend the  integration : Simply Schedule Appointments 

7.Start with a beta group.  I recommend before launching the membership you start out with a set of testing customers in the simplest manner (for example on a simple facebook group or a private youtube channel where you go live every week ) , this will allow you to improve the experience of your membership and find out what your customers really expect from you. 

8.Use a digital software to integrate everything. Nowadays with the rise of online yoga, there has been a boom in platforms there to help you integrate the complete experience, which integrates with your website . Most of them have video on demand & live streaming tools to enhance your experience. But I recommend only investing in these once you know exactly the direction to take with your membership. Here are our list of recommended ones.



3.Eversports manager

4.Mindbody online

If you’re not sure about this biz model being right for you , check out our last blog post to identify If a membership site is right for you

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