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2 Powerful Manifestation Techniques to Call in Anything You Want

No matter your vision, the key to manifesting is embodiment and putting yourself in the energy that you want to feel and be. Here are two of my go-to techniques for manifesting my goals and desires. 

I was always a daydreamer, somewhere up in my head. I have a memory around age 3 where I’d repeatedly sit on the floor and press my hands against my eyes. I would eventually see shapes that looked like what you’d see in a lava lamp and I would let my imagination run wild. Today I’m on the quieter side and I still spend a lot of time up there with myself.

I remember reading and *thinking through them* each day as various emotions would arise and I processed through the discomfort. Eventually I truly felt that I was taken care of and would get through this. (Sending hugz to my 20 yr old self! lol)

I discovered cozy shelter, self-love & confidence throughout that process. & that was it, the practice became a huge part of my life & daily rhythm. 

I wrote down my conversations with God + the universe. All of my hopes and desires. 

At 22, my first spiritual teacher taught me about harnessing the incredible power of gratitude — so I looped that in: thanking the universe for bringing my dreams, goals and desires to me. For protecting me during stressful times, too.

When I started studying and realized that these practices are *actual* things, I experienced this deep sense of being in the right place at the right time in my life. It was exciting. But anyways, let’s talk about 2 powerful manifestation techniques that I have personally used to call in so many things in my life. I was doing this and experiencing quantum leaps before I ever knew these were actual things. 

The universe is responsive to your energy, so what you put out — what you spend your time thinking about, talking about and embodying, ultimately is what you’ll get back. 

I knew that I had been manifesting my whole life, and I just never had that definition of what it was that I was doing.

We’re all energy. Everything is energy. The results we achieve in life / our experiences are shaped by our internal programming. That programming is shaped by our attitudes, beliefs, experiences, and in general, our disposition. All of that is just energy, too. Therefore, if we learn to change our energy, we can change our lives. 


Simply put, it’s the act of daydreaming, or being able to imagine anything you want to come true. Visualization is essentially to mentally rehearse the things you want to call into your life. It’s not all about constructing the visual image though — actually feeling it is equally important. 

“Visualization — or the act of creating compelling and vivid pictures in your mind — may be the most underutilized success tool you possess because it greatly accelerates the achievement of any success in three powerful ways.” Jack Canfield

By imagining what it looks like and feels like to achieve our goals or live out our desires, not only are we anchoring ourselves in that energy, but we’re actually lighting up the neuromuscular pathways that connect our brain with our muscles, which helps our brain consider what actually achieving that would feel like. And the more we can feel it, the stronger we’re able to pull ourselves toward it. 

Here are a couple of ways to integrate visualization into your manifestation practices: 

Create a Moodboard

One of the easiest ways to get started with practicing visualization is to create a moodboard, or a visual representation of your dreams, goals and desires. I personally love to use pinterest for this, while others love to create physical boards and collages. Whatever resonates with you! 

Make it part of your meditation practice

During your meditation practice, spend a few minutes visualizing. Soon enough this will come as second nature and you’ll be doing it without even trying to think about it. Actually, Guided Visualization Meditations are 100% a thing — and an amazing one at that. Poke around on YouTube and try some out to find a style that fits yours. Eventually you’ll be able to guide yourself through your own unique process. It’s truly a journey!

Use Visualization and Scripting –powerful manifestation techniques to call in your desires.


If you don’t find imagery visualization easy, no worries, scripting has your back. Scripting is a journaling technique used in manifesting and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that involves writing out your desires in detail as if they’ve already happened. You see, when we write these things out and then run them through our minds over and over again (think affirmations), we’re actually reprogramming our subconscious mind — which is incredibly powerful when it comes to manifesting. 

I recommend writing them from a place of gratitude, like you’re thanking the universe for already having it. Include as much detail as possible and write out how having it makes you feel. Similar to visualization, the key here is to connect your dreams and desires with your emotions and to really feel into it. 

I love scripting because it reinforces the fact that you are the author of your own story. 

Here’s a prompt if you’re feeling like you could use an example: 

Let’s suppose I want to manifest great health, I would write this in my journal — in my case, the notes app of my phone: 

I am so grateful for my incredible health. 

Thank you so much for a healthy body, mind and spirit. 

My cells radiate positive, healing energy throughout my body. 

I feel incredible and full of energy every single day.

I am so thankful for my connection with my body, so that I’m always in tune with what it needs.

Thank you so much for my strong, healthy body. 

Or let’s suppose that I want to reach the next level of business (vague — but it should nudge you in the right direction). 

I am so grateful for reaching this next milestone in my business. 

Thank you for propelling me forward and guiding me into stepping into my power and most authentic expression of the leader than I am. 

It feels so fulfilling to live out my fullest authentic expression.

I am so grateful for this success, as it will allow me to impact more lives with my gifts and help raise the vibration of the planet. 

Thank you so much for guiding me into this next level of greatness. 

I trust my path with every cell in my body. 

See? It’s not so hard. My advice to you is to just freestyle. If you pray, try writing out your prayers with a special twist — as if you already have your desires. 

There you have it! No matter what your vision is, the key is to put yourself in the energy of already having it, letting go and letting divine timing take place. 

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