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8 Membership Models for Your Conscious Business

Want to start a membership site, but not sure what kind of membership model to use? In this post, I’ll walk you though 8 proven membership models and how they might fit into your business.

Want to start a membership site, but not sure what kind of membership model to use? In this post, I’ll walk you though 8 proven membership models and how they might fit into your business. 

Why a membership site?

Membership subscriptions are the (not so) new way of doing business — and it’s big business. Think of all the subscriptions you belong to. 

There are many benefits of integrating a membership model into your business, such as more financial stability, more time + freedom, it positions you as an expert in your niche, allows you to expand your offerings and better serve your customers (and much more!). 

Community-focused vs. Content-focused 

The first thing to consider is if your membership is centered around bringing together a community or delivering content. 

It can certainly include both, but you need to have a clear understanding of which aspect is primary over the other, as this will guide your decision around what membership technology to use. 

It’s super important that you think through this carefully, as migrating tools can cost you time and money. 

Online vs. Offline

The next thing to consider is whether your offerings will be online, offline or both. 

For example, you might offer in-person classes or sessions, plus have an online content library or a suite of digital products. Many of my clients — coaches, practitioners, instructors, content creators — they’ve structured their membership business model around a hybrid of both. 

8 Proven Membership Models 


In a Community-based membership, members get a ton of value out of interacting with like-minded people coming together around a specific purpose or goal. What makes these unique is their ‘social network or forum’. Facebook groups are a popular option for this, but there are way better options out there if you really want to make it your own. 

I’m a member of Sahara Rose’s Rose Gold Goddesses community, which does this really well and she uses MightyNetworks as her membership platform. 

To make this type of membership successful, you must put a lot of time into facilitation to ensure member engagement, so it’s not for you if you’re looking to be more hands-off or if you don’t have several hours per week to put into community engagement. 

Content Updates

In this model, members pay you for access to content that you publish on an ongoing basis.

This is great for new creators who don’t have a content library built up yet, or if you want a more hands-off model that warms your members up to buying your other digital products or services. 

One of my clients set up a subscription for her breathwork teacher training students. After they earned their licences, they were given access to a content library of playlists and other material for their classes, along with monthly content updates: new playlists, new spiritual themes each month and more. 

Content Library

This one is similar to the Content Updates Model, but the emphasis here lies in the access to a pre-existing library of content.  This is a great model if you have an existing library of content built up.
It works well with the Content updates model, allowing you to give your members access to past and previous content. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already provided your content elsewhere on the internet: people are willing to pay more for the convenience of accessing it in one place.

Group Coaching

Similar to an evergreen online course in terms of content, but with added focus on coaching sessions and/or peer-to-peer support built in. It’s structured to always run on the same recurring schedule, which allows members to get started at any time. 

Professional Service

This is essentially pre-purchased services on a recurring basis.

This is a good model if you offer 1:1 services like Reiki, Personalized Moon Reports, Healing Sessions, Coaching or any other exchange of money for your time.

How it could work is: your clients or students buy a monthly or annual membership that includes a set number of hours / sessions each month. This works well for both you and your client, as it created predictable recurring revenue for you as well as guaranteed availability for your client or student. 

Tip: plug in a scheduling tool and you’ve nearly automated the logistical back-and-forth of booking your clients. 

Product Bundle

This is where two or more digital products are offered together.

If you already have digital products such as courses, workshops, eBooks, templates, worksheets, or any other downloads, bundling them together will help them get into more of your audience’s hands, which will increase your sales. 

For example, you might have a few courses + workshops, plus guided meditations and journaling worksheets. You’d simply bundle these together and offer monthly access to it all. 

The success of this model lies in truly knowing your dream customer and offering them the content and products that appeal to them. 


The Path-to-Result model is where you help your members achieve a specific goal or outcome at the end of a predetermined period. This model is similar to an online course or program, but it often adds in elements from the models above. 


The most popular model of course is a combination of 2 or more of the above models, which many membership creators use to make their memberships more valuable. 

Want to chat membership model ideas for your conscious business? 

Let’s chat over a virtual coffee! I’d love to offer you a free 30 minute consultation where we’ll discuss how a membership could look in your business and 3 concrete steps you can take to get started. Book a time on my calendar here

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