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10 Qualities of a Soulpreneur

Whether it is energy healing, yoga or meditation sessions, shadow work or Kundalini doesn’t matter – all Soulpreneurs are aimed at the same goal: elevating the collective and individual consciousness.

What is a Soulpreneur?

Soulpreneurs are a rare breed of people that use their work as a way to express their higher self. They can be entrepreneurs, freelancers, healers, artists, coaches, etc. But more important than what a soulpreneur does – is how they do it. In fact, it is their approach to both work and life that makes them more than just another professional. 

So what makes them different, you ask? 

Well, here are 10 essential qualities that make a soulpreneur…

Soulpreneurs Are Living Out Their Dharma

Soulpreneurs are not inspired by making money or solving material problems. It is not about building a business, accumulating capital and finding ‘success’. The work of a soulpreneur is not simply a career – it is a calling. That’s right, soulpreneurs are those that actually discover and live out their dharma.

Dharma is a Sanskrit word that means purpose in life. In his book 7 Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra writes: “Whether we know it or not, we have all manifested in physical form to fulfill a purpose. Each of us has a unique talent and a unique way of expressing it. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world and for every unique talent and unique expression of that talent, there are also unique needs. When these needs are matched with the creative expression of your talent, that is the spark that creates affluence.”

Soulpreneurs have discovered this unique talent and are using it to pour love into the universe through their work. A good litmus test you can ask yourself is this: would do your work for free? A soulpreneur would.

Soulpreneurs Believe In Service Over Self 

A soulpreneur understands that putting others first is one of the fastest ways to transcend the ego. In Mahayana Buddhism, a bodhisattva is someone that is motivated by great compassion for all sentient beings. They understand just how much narcissism limits their capacity to love. Their path to nirvana necessarily involves a motivation to help others to awaken, as they view selfless devotion as a powerful way to diminish their attachment to egoic illusions.

A soulpreneur knows that great compassion not only helps others but helps themselves on their own spiritual journey. This precious Truth allows them to focus on helping all sentient beings through their particular skills. They feel a burning passion to replace others’ suffering with bliss and their businesses operate accordingly. For a soulpreneur, it is not about success or self – it is about service to others.

10 Qualities of a Soulpreneur

Always Learning, Evolving And Expanding

A soulpreneur understands that growing, learning, and expansion of consciousness are never complete. Spiritual living is one of constant evolution. After-all, if you aren’t living on the edge, you are taking up too much space. 

A soulpreneur understands that the world of form is not here to satisfy us, it is here to challenge us. Just when we think we’ve got it all figured out, life throws a wrench in our plans… and that is a good thing because it means we must continue to adapt and evolve. Therefore, a soulpreneur’s journey is never complete. They are always expanding and embracing the secret of ascent – going up and up, higher and higher.

Aimed At The Elevation of Consciousness

Living in the digital age presents a multitude of both obstacles and opportunities for spiritual growth. While there are more distractions than ever, access to Spiritual Truths and the opportunities for serendipitous connections and insights has also never been so plentiful. Consequently, we are experiencing a massive shift in global consciousness. More than ever, people are waking up and that is largely thanks to all the soulpreneurs.

Whether it is energy healing, yoga or meditation sessions, shadow work or Kundalini doesn’t matter – all soulpreneurs are aimed at the same goal: healing and elevating the collective and individual consciousness. 

Ultimately, all of the outer problems of this world – environmental degradation, pollution, corruption, social injustice – are just external manifestations of inner imbalances. A soulpreneurs’ work is to help heal these inner imbalances so that all people can find Peace, Love and Joy. If that doesn’t sound like an elevation in consciousness, then what does?

Soulpreneur’s Know That Giving Is Receiving 

Jesus stated the universal law of Karma as good as anyone when he said: “give and you shall receive.” Regardless of language, culture, or religion, this eternal spiritual Truth rings true across all cultures.

The energy that you emit into the universe is the energy that you attract. Therefore, the more love that you give, the more love you will attract. Conversely, the more that you take from others, the more that will be taken from you. 

A true soulpreneur lives by this philosophy, giving as much to the world as they possibly can. Of course, they are not doing it to receive. They are doing it because it is the right thing to do and it brings them great joy and peace. Soulpreneurs know that by helping others, they are helping themselves. After-all, you reap what you sow.

Soulpreneurs are Always Learning, Evolving and Expanding

Soulpreneurs Know It’s About Collaboration Over Competition 

The objectives of a soulpreneur have nothing to do with winning, that is ego stuff. This is not a zero sum game. We are all in this together, working tirelessly to elevate the collective consciousness. 

Soulpreneurs think of their success like a fire. When two flames come together, they burn brighter. Their goals align with the goals of both their clients and their peers. Soulpreneurs don’t get involved with petty competition or trying to ‘corner a market’. No, soulpreneurs want everyone to succeed, even their ‘competition’. Soulpreneurs know that all boats rise with the tide.

Soulpreneurs bring people together and build community, rather than use their cunning to rip off customers and cheat out competition. After-all, intelligence includes while cleverness divides.

Manifest Goals And Objectives 

Soulpreneurs understand the laws of attraction and use them to manifest their dreams. They don’t sit around idly hoping that things will happen. Rather, they have absolute and utter faith in their abilities to get things done.

Hope is waiting, it is passive. Faith is knowing, it is active. Each day soulpreneurs affirm a mindset of abundance, which of course manifests in their external reality. After-all the inner is always reflected in the outer. They always maintain this faith, even in the darkest hours, believing in their abilities to get it done no matter what. To a soulpreneur, scarcity doesn’t exist.

Soulpreneurs Face Fears And Stay Spontaneous

Soulpreneurs understand that fear is the sharpest definition of themself as a person and a business owner. Business owners or not, most people don’t like fear and they do anything and everything they can not to face it. If you’re a soulpreneur you’ve realized that fear is your friend, and therefore, you no longer feel uncomfortable with it.

On the flipside, they embrace it because to a soulpreneur, fear is fuel. Feeling it helps them stay at their edge and allows real transformation to occur – both personal and professional. Fear of fear creates limitations in many ways. It could result in over-action, too aggressively trying to win clients, forcing your approach on those that don’t need it, etc. It could also result in under-action, sitting on excess capital, staying safe and not trying new avenues, etc. 

In either case, those that are afraid are off-center, tense and missing the moment. Soulpreneurs don’t try to run away, they embrace fear, which creates a state of alive and humble spontaneity. They are ready for the unknown as it unfolds, they make the investment when necessary, they try new things, they stay spontaneous. 

10 Qualities of a Soulpreneur

Driven By Joy, Not Pleasure

A soulpreneur understands the simple difference between pleasure and joy: while pleasure is derived from the external world, Joy comes from within. 

They know that pleasure operates on a cycle (samsara) which is ultimately a zero sum game. So while it may come at the pop of a pill it also has its price – pain. In this sense, all pleasure contains within it the seeds of pain. What brings you pleasure today, will bring you pain tomorrow. Glory, status, power, wealth are all forms of egoic pleasure that will never truly bring lasting peace or meaning. 

While pleasure is consumed, Joy is created.  It is earned from a job well done. However, while you must work to earn it, Joy doesn’t have an opposite, so unlike with pleasure, it contains no implicit pain. 

When created, it brings a great peace within, something far more valuable than any sum of money or social status. For example, the feeling a soulpreneur gets when they notice a transformation in their clients and customers. That is Joy.

Soulpreneurs know that this feeling is infinite and it is the driving source of inspiration for their work.

Embrace The Now 

Two things soulpreneurs know: a) life is unpredictable and b) nothing is permanent. With this awareness, they understand that they cannot force how things will go in any area of their life – including their business. Of course, setting goals, planning ahead and having a long term vision are critical to the success of any business, however, things may not always go according to plan… and that is okay.

Rather than obsessing over rigid plans or expectations, a soulpreneur stays loose and flexible, taking each step one day at a time. Rather than worrying about things outside of their control, they focus on the one thing that they can control: doing their absolute best right NOW. 

They see obstacles or failures as lessons from the universe that will equip them knowledge and skills to actualize their dreams down the road. They know that they are always on the right path, exactly where they should be at any given moment. They don’t waste precious energy thinking about what they should’ve done or what could go wrong. They do their absolute best to always stay present, to stay right here, now.

Living by this principle they never expend energy dwelling on the past or worrying about the future, but rather align themselves with the flow of the cosmos, sinking into the exhilarating ride of the present moment.

Are you a soulpreneur?

Are you a soulpreneur looking to elevate your business and expand your purpose? 


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  1. I was on a long road trip, thinking about my “biz” adventure, knowing I’m more about the journey versus the status, when the word Soulpreneur popped in my mind, thinking wow, that’s a cool term! So I googled it and came across your page and description, and feeling so grateful, and confirmed 😉

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