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Holistic Coaching for Businesses

Holistic coaching considers all elements of the one’s life – mental, physical, and spiritual – when consulting them on how to run their business.

Holistic coaching takes many forms. 

From relationships to diet to spirituality, holistic coaching takes a comprehensive approach to helping empower, motivate, and awaken clients. Rather than focusing on just business strategy, for example,, we address things like lifestyle, mindset and subconscious blocks, as these are all deeply intertwined. 

Of course, holistic coaching methods are not limited solely to personal and spiritual matters. That’s right, the methods that make holistic coaching so effective on a personal and spiritual level are also effective when it comes to coaching business leaders.

However, before we dive into how holistic coaching can be applied to business owners, let’s first make sense of what holistic coaching is all about.

What is Holistic Coaching? 

Holistic coaching is a method of life coaching that encapsulates all aspects of life – body, mind, and spirit. In my practice, we work on overcoming limiting beliefs, mindset shifts, abundance blocks and subconscious reprogramming using tools like Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). All of that on top of business strategy and getting amazing results. 

By touching on all the essential components of one’s existence, it truly covers the whole, hence the name holistic. And as a soulpreneur, I’ve found you cannot have one without the other.

The idea is that for a balanced and healthy whole, all of its parts must be functioning properly. Without a healthy body, it’s unlikely to have a truly healthy mind. And without a healthy mind, it’s unlikely to be in touch with your spirit. And without all of that stuff in check, growing your business is incredibly stressful and might lack a sense of purpose. You get the picture.

By taking a holistic approach, this type of coaching can help clients access their full potential, removing blocks and even unlocking their spiritual power.

Ok, so that is holistic coaching in a nutshell. But how exactly does this apply to business? After-all, can a business even have a healthy diet, let alone a healthy spirit? 

Well, before we dive into those questions, let’s first define what a business coaching is all about.

What is Business Coaching? 

A business coach works with entrepreneurs or business owners by helping them clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with their personal goals. Business coaching is a process used to take a business from where it is now to where the business owner wants it to be. Business Coaches are there to audit organizational practices, define goals and objectives, and meet specific needs for growth, refinements or sustainability. 

holistic coaching
Holistic coaching takes a different approach…

So then, What is Holistic Coaching for Businesses? 

Well, it’s obvious right? Holistic business coaching encapsulates all of it – mind, body, spirit and business. After-all, business leaders are real people with real problems. 

Essentially, the idea is that if someone hasn’t worked out their personal problems – mental, physical or spiritual – how can they be expected to successfully run a business? In fact, it is often personal problems spilling over into one’s professional life that prevents them from successfully running a business. Or the other way around.

A holistic business coach looks at all elements at play, which tends to be more necessary than you’d think. 

Pillars of Holistic Business Coaching

Tackling the Whole 

This one is obvious, right? But still, it’s important to expand upon. As touched on earlier, all parts of one’s life are connected. Rather than a holistic life coach, who focuses strictly on elements of the client’s personal life or a business coach, who focuses solely on the client’s business, a holistic business coach focuses on everything. 

Holistic coaching goes to the core of the client’s life to find limiting factors that are preventing their success. If they don’t have the right mindset, even the best business coaching in the world isn’t going to guarantee longterm success. For example, holistic approach would ensure that the client is on firm footing mentally and spiritually before helping them take their yoga business onlinescale their energy healing practice, building a product pyramid or deciding if a membership model is right for their business. 

Whether it is through NLP, breathworkenergy work, manifestation and mindset coaching tools, developing an abundance mindset, addressing money blocks, or creating vision aligned goals, holistic business coaches go to their client’s core, utilizing whatever practices necessary, to help build the rock solid foundation they will need to flourish mentally, spiritually, and professionally. 

Defining Success Differently 

Your everyday business coach generally has one metric that defines success: money. Usually, when someone seeks a business coach, they are hoping to find ways to scale their business or become the leader they need to step into in order to take their business to the next level.. Most business coaches promote themselves accordingly, promising huge ROI for their services.

Holistic coaches take a different approach when working with businesses. After-all, it’s pretty obvious by now that making more money isn’t necessarily going to make you any happier. In fact, a client could hire a business coach and end up making less money… and that could still be a success. 


Well, let’s say a business owner is driven by a scarcity mindset. Consequently, they constantly overwork themselves, nearly to the point of burnout. Feeling fatigued, they hire a holistic business coach who helps them uncover some childhood traumas that left them with severe financial insecurities aka a scarcity mindset.

It’s clear that although the business is healthy and thriving, the mental and spiritual state of its owner is not.

While a business coach could’ve helped the client grow their business, accelerating the road to burnout and a life coach maybe wouldn’t have been equipped to advise on the professional action necessary to address the solution, the holistic approach got the bird’s eye view, which was necessary in diagnosing the problem.

After developing some new practices with their coach, the business owner makes the necessary changes which perhaps even means dropping some of their own business. And guess what? If it means a more balanced, healthy lifestyle, that is ok!

Sure, in the short term, they may not be earning as much but they’ll be setting themselves up for long-term, professional satisfaction, rather than the impending burnout that would soon have them seeking a new career. With holistic coaching, it’s passions over profit.

Holistic coaching incorporates spiritual practices

Working with Conscious Clients 

One thing that separates a holistic business coach from a regular business coach is the type of client that they work with. 

Perhaps as a general rule, holistic business coaching can only work for businesses focused on elevating collective consciousness. That means, Soulprenuers, lightworkers and other types of conscious businesses. Why? Because these are the only types of client’s that are going to be open to how their spirituality affects their business.

The fact is, someone running an unconscious business aimed at exploiting psychological vulnerabilities to earn a quick buck is probably not a very balanced person, spiritually speaking. If your business is run by greed, so are you. While those are the exact types of people that need life coaching, generally, they are the last to be seeking it.

Are you in Need of Holistic Coaching for your Business?

Look no further! My whole career is focused on helping Soulprenuers (like you!) both grow professionally and spiritually. From taking their businesses online and converting their expertise into courses to overcoming scarcity mindsets and incorporating new spiritual practices into their lives, I’ve helped many clients understand themselves and the businesses better. 

Interested in working together? Apply here for a 1:1 consultation.

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